Martial Arts School Mentor
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Coaching / Workshops

Coaching and Consulting available for:

  • New schools prior to opening
  • All styles of Martial Arts Schools will benefit from these trainings
  • Established Schools that have a desire to grow
  • On Sight School Evaluations
  • Staff Training
  • Marketing
  • Introductory lessons that work
  • School lay out for the 21st Century
  • Culture and Vision
  • Curriculum
  • Trainings are available in modules of information or the entire system.

For further information, direct your email to:

You must include the following information:

  • Name
  • Phone number
  • Best time to reach you
  • Email
  • Name of school
  • How long you have been established?
  • What areas you feel you need coaching in?


Once your information has been received you will receive an email to confirm the best date for a tele-meeting.

Workshops Available

  • Kenpo Ju Jitsu USA – explosive Kenpo Ju Jitsu Self-Defense Techniques
  • Silat – Mustika Kweetang – AmerIndo Styles
  • Kickboxing
  • Combat Ju Jitsu
  • Shoot Fighting
  • Defensive/Offensive Knife
  • Club Defense
  • Kappo – Resuscitation Techniques
  • Non-Deadly Control Tactics for Law Enforcement and Security
  • Family Protection Awareness
  • Blend – a blend of all of the above with Combat Sambo, Russian Martial Arts, and environmental personal protection strategies
  • Somatics
  • Feldenkrais
  • 21st Century Core Conditioning Secrets
  • Chi Kung
  • Joint Mobility Training
  • Program design for the 21st Century martial artist / individual and group
  • Myo Fascia self-release on the foam roller
  • Restoration methods
  • Body balance


Direct all inquiries regarding workshops to:

Community Service Presentations

  • Women’s Personal Protection Strategies
  • Kids Bully Buster Series
  • Family Personal Protection Strategies
  • Personal Protection Strategies for the Executive
  • Before you go off to school – an intensive training for college age students – teaching a series of awareness drills along with "Hands On" Personal Protection Skills
  • Stretching for the busy individual
  • Chi Kung energy drills for the non-martial artist
  • Core conditioning secrets for the 21st Century
  • Abs and Glutes Workshop

For further information, and to schedule a workshop, direct inquiries to


  • Somatics the DVD: over 20 individual Somatic movements taught in a easy to learn format, designed to accompany the soon to be released Somatics Morning Routine Book.
    • $54.95 include $5.00 for shipping and handling
  • Weapon Destruction: A basic introduction into the Silat and Kali Art of "De-Fanging the Snake" a must have for all martial artists.
    • $29.95 include $5.00 for shipping and handling
  • Kenpo Ju Jitsu Club Techniques: A dynamic workshop where all 10 of the Kenpo Club Techniques are taught, some very powerful information with some rare inserts taught in the base techniques.
    • $54.95 include $5.00 for shipping and handling
  • Myo Fascia Release: a complete 2 hour workshop on Foam Roller Techniques for the Martial Artist.
    • $29.95 include $5.00 for shipping and handling
  • Business Systems Overview: a 2 day intensive exposing school owners and staff to the complete overview of "the system", learn how to double or triple your revenue in the next 60 - 90 days.
    • $125.00 include $5.00 for shipping and handling
  • Somatics the Book: a complete how to manual on developing your personal morning routine to start your day in a peak performance state.
    • $59.95 (to be released June 2009) or Book and DVD for $99.95 include $10.00 for shipping & handling

To purchase any of these items, direct inquiries to

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