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Kenpo Ju-Jitsu

Kenpo Ju-Jitsu USA

Kenpo Ju Jitsu USA teaches the Art and Science of Kenpo Karate, as originally created by Senior Grand Master Ed Parker, enhanced with the addition of methods and teaching approaches designed to improve the way the system is generally presented. In addition the traditional Kappos or Arts of Resuscitation have been included, along with Chinese Internal Energy Drills.

All additions to the System are designed to increase the quality of performance of the individual practitioner along with increasing quality of day to day life, through the practice of daily Chi Kung, enhanced nutritional awareness, state of the Art physical and mental conditioning drills.

The words Ju Jitsu where added to pay credit to the original roots of Hawaiian Kenpo based on a suggestion from Guro Dan Inosanto.

As Martial Artists we are constantly striving towards improving our Personal Performance along with the Performance level of our Staff and Students.  As Kenpo Ju Jitsu USA continues to evolve as an Art and Science, it is my ongoing desire to continue to produce Instructors and Students who are not just proficient in the Martial Way but are just as proficient in the Art of Life while utilizing their Black Belt Leadership Skills to make their community and the World a better place for all.

Some of my influences in creating Kenpo Ju Jistu USA are:

  • Senior Grand Master Ed Parker
  • Grand Master Ralph Castro
  • Professor Adriano Emperado
  • Dr. Crimi
  • Guro Dan Inosanto
  • Senior Master William Clark
  • Guro Jim Ingram

Some of my influences in the Art and Science of Kenpo are:

  • Master Lee Wedlake
  • Grand Master Parker
  • Master Richard Planas
  • Master Rick Fowler
  • Master Steve White
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